Thursday, 3 May 2018

How to rock flared trousers when your a shorty !

Hey guys,
so what is it this time I'm gonna go on about. Flared trousers ! The reason I am particularly excited about writing this post is because after years of believing short people( me  included ) can't wear anything but skinny trousers or jeans I have discovered I look pretty bomb in a flared leg or a straight leg and so can you ! I had enough of restricting myself because of my height and shape and decided to go out of my comfort zone and to my surprise I am in LOVE.
Not only are flared legs comfy but they hug you in all the right places, hid that muffin top/ food baby and also gives your booty that cheeky lift!

Here are a few tips on how to rock these trousers!

1. Get a high waisted pair
High waisted trousers not only snatch your waist in but they also give the illusion that your a little taller than you are especially when you have little legs like me!

2. Get a textured/ ribbed pair
To give yourself some extra curves or simply exaggerate the curves you already have a ribbed pair of flared trousers gives the illusion that your body goes in and out at all the right places.

3. Wear with a crop top
The break between your crop top and your trousers, makes your waist look smaller but also makes your torso look longer, which obviously makes you look taller ! A cute bandeau should do the job !

4. Go to the petite section !
If you are 5"3 or below I strongly recommend you go to the petite section when your looking for a pair of flared trousers , simply because they will be dragging across the floor otherwise...don't make the mistake I initially did and have to waste time sewing to make adjustments! Here are some great shops that have petite sections
Pretty little thing,Missguided, BooHoo,New Look and TopShop

Really hope this post was helpful to at least someone ! Don't be afraid to try something new, life's too short( that pun was entirely unintended lol) so why the hell not !

Till next time guys peace and love ,

Sunday, 15 April 2018


Hey, guys, I've been really bad at blogging, Uni is really in the way LOL but today we are talking about the infamous dad trainer trend. If you haven't seen this trend then I'm not sure where the hell you've been. Various brands from affordable Adidas to high end designers such as Gucci and Balenciaga have jumped on this wave and I must say done it pretty well.

 For all those who are thinking what the hell is a dad trainer anyway, imagine the geekiest dad ever that happens to be a PE teacher too. If you have the image in your head you know the kind of trainers I'm talking about. But why are we bringing but a trend that was never cool to start with ? I hear you say, welllll next question ... I don't know but its cool fashion has no logic and that's part of the fun! I think its all about the chunky platform sole which I must say was brought back by queen RiRi with her Fenty puma collection. If you have been reading my blog from wayyyyy back then you will know I have a bizarre passion for chunky, platform shoes, trainers, heels, boots all of it! so naturally when I saw this dad trend I was intrigued!
Image result for dad trainers trend

 Here's a typical dad trainer, just look at the damn craftsmanship of this shoe, it's beautiful! It looks like it been layered delicately like a 3 tier wedding cake,( please someone say they understand what I'm talking about). Its got all the basics of a dad trainer. let's do some dissecting of this shoe.
 1.Super thick sole
2. Looks super comfortable for the walks with the kids
3. Laces are done up nice and tight for that support.
4. Slightly dirty looking from playing with the kids in the grass ( yes that is the colour they are meant to be)
5. Multiple materials that look durable and long lasting, just because dads are all about long lasting shoes of course
 6. Classic Balenciaga label on the side to swag it out.

   Boom and there you have it, the dad trainer.
 So if you're on the lookout for dad trainers this is what to look out for! I will love you and leave you guys with some more dad trainer pictures to indulge in! Till next time guys peace and love!

Image result for dad trainers trend

Related image

Image result for dad trainers trend GUCCI
Related image

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hey guys back again with another fashion post! I have been super inspired by streetwear clothing and playing around with different cuts of trousers and jeans.

 I pulled out a pair of jeans I  had not rocked in a while! My mum jeans! I usually roll them up so they are sort of ankle grazers otherwise they would be straight leg jeans and straight leg jeans aren't cool ... are they? well before experimenting I thought hell to the no I'm not rocking the straight leg that's so old school... but if you're going for the old school look it can take your outfit from a 2 to a straight 10! Pair these jeans with a classic pair of air force 1's ( obsessed with the white low tops) or a chunky platform trainer style shoe like I have decided to wear in the pictures below or the new Fenty puma platforms!
I  wore this outfit to a concert (H.E.R, if you haven't checked her out you seriously, have to !) I was super comfy, the jeans give you plenty room to move around freely and pairing it with a simple white  bandeau, denim shirt and gold hoops gives off the super laid back 90's R&B music video vibe! Just to make this post even better I got these jeans for £1 from a charity shop yes £1! If you want to check out some of my other thrifting bargains subscribe to my youtube channel I will have a video out on Sunday showing off all my super cheap vintage goodies!
 Youtube channel mayfield .N :
Until next time guys peace and love, don't forget lifes too short not to try it!

Friday, 16 February 2018


Headwear is now the new way to change up an outfit and make a statement.Forget your chokers, forget your hoops. It’s the season for berets! I am not one to follow trends blindly but I am jumping on this band waggon. I love how you can wear this hat in so many different ways. From classy glamourous( how I attempted to wear it ) to street style casual to even 90’s activist’s look. I really thought I’d look ridiculous in one but once you figure out how to wear it to your liking by trying out different colours and fits, you will fall in love with how this simple piece will take you back to the past and elevate your outfit to another level!
The beret is no longer a symbol of high-class French society but as said by Harper’s Bazar “the beret is woke”.
Harper’s Bazar
“With all this in mind, it's no surprise that this formerly cheesy French favourite is back. The beret is woke. As we all know, it is fashionable now to be socially conscious, to campaign, to be outspoken and to be politically engaged. The woke generation are informed, questioning and passionate about change. The beret's history renders it the ultimate symbol of wokeness.”

I absolutely love this description of the new redefined beret! it's giving me black panther vibes. Not only that but it seems to be a symbol of artistic wokeness and empowerment which is something I stand for and hope to embody in everything I do including how I dress. Fashion is all about making a statement and telling people who you are before you speak this piece has the ability to do just that.

Related image

Related image

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


It’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted on here but I’ve literally had a wave of so many ideas for posts to write so here we go back up and running, (pun intended) better than ever.

Alright so let’s cut to the chase ( Im getting good at these puns). Nike gum soles are the shit.( pardon my French) you know what I love about these shoes. They have the clean aesthetics of the well know air force 1’s but with a spin! the gum sole gives the shoe more dimension and a bit of an old school touch. The gum sole reminds me of the bottom of timberlands which have honestly been my saving grace this winter. I love how this combination is almost like bringing together a pair of classic trainers with timberland boots. This dresses up the shoes. Adding another layer of colour to the shoe really transforms your look from popping to town to hitting the streets of New York… if that makes sense . basically, what I’m saying is these gum soles make me feel bad ass, high fashion and original all at the same time.

However, I must say the gum sole can be a bit limiting as certain colours paired with the yellow brown colour are just a massive no. I saw a pair of mustard yellow air force 1’s with the gum sole and I really was not impressed. it just did not work for me. The combination reminded me of baby food. EW .But hey each to their own.  When it comes to trainers with a bit of flavour, simple is always the best way to go. So, your standard white, black, grey and camel. But if you want to make a statement the khaki and red gum soles are beauties you have to get a hold of !

I managed to grab myself the grey high-top gum soles ( the first picture) which I am so in love with, even more so as I am yet to see anyone else rocking the grey pair. I’m a sucker for originality what can I say .

Saturday, 1 October 2016

I'm all Choked out

At long last I'm back with another post. Quick update summer is now over (sad face) and I'm in a new location! I've gone of to Kent to study English and american literature with creative writing .  I am super excited to get started with my course and hopefully gain more skills to make this blog wayyyyy better than it is currently is.

So today's fashion topic is the comeback of the choker(if you hadn't guessed by the title). The choker trend returned and has appeared throughout this summer worn in many different ways and will no doubt continue this autumn . There is the obvious throwing it back to the 90's style but many variations have appeared such as the punk, the elegant, the black and gold and there are many super cute chokers inspired by the harajuku scene in Japan. I can't wait to see how the trend will carry through all the way to winter!

The classic velvet black chocker

I love the simplicity of this chocker style. Show it off by wearing it with a simple of the shoulder top!

The elegant choker 

Chokers have made many appearances on  red carpets and  catwalks some more extravagant than other but nevertheless beautifully worn and undoubtedly elegant.

Image result for catwalk chokers  Image result for catwalk chokers

Image result for catwalk chokersImage result for red carpet chokers

The punk harajuku inspired choker 

Harajuku style represents all things fun, cute and slightly eccentric!
I was lucky enough to help as style assistant and one of the models for an amazing brand that sells the most kawaii jewellery! Check the website out to purchase the items below. HEAUXMADE 
Image result for HEAUXMADE Image result for HEAUXMADE

That's it from me ! Thanks for reading and I hope this gave you some ideas or maybe just something interesting to read! 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Summer Swimwear Style Inspiration !

Hope everyone is enjoying they're summer so far ! I've been busy in Mallorca for a crazy girls holiday and then shot of to Belgium for another crazy holiday with my boyfriend ,but I'm back and ready to get back to blogging!

With all the variety of swim wear available it can be tough to choose. One look I've really been In love with this summer is the all white swim suit. Great for all skin tones and a perfect contrast for when you get that summer glow!
This beautiful swimsuit from AdoreMe is sure to hug you in all the right places and the detail in the back pulls  your waist in and adds a nice extra touch. For more swimsuits be sure to check out they're  swimwear page

Here are a few accessories you could add to look the best on the beach  and pool side !

I love this cool and casual cover up, perfect for on the beach with a white swim suit under. for sexier look how about leaving the buttons undone.
Lastly a pair of cute white slider sandals . These comfy sandals are bang on trend! if you don't have a pair, go out and get a pair to rock with all kinds of outfits, from casual beach wear to sporty chic.

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